DJing With FreQ Nasty And Dave Seaman

Fiji born Bass music pioneer and nomadic DJ/Producer Darin McFadyen, aka FreQ Nasty is back in the spotlight in UK and Europe. FreQ comes booming back with a positive mental attitude like never before. After spending his childhood days in New Zealand, FreQ moved to the UK in the early 1990s. He recently took some time off to study and pay his way by DJing. He is now back with a new drumstep/crunk-step EP. He started out his music career in the early 1990s playing bass and drums for a band called Native Bass, which cut a few labels with Botchit & Scarper. During the mid 90s, he became a breakbeat DJ/producer under the name FreQ Nasty, making it big with 'Freqazoid' and 'Boomin Back Atcha' cut on Botchit. Later he signed up with Skint for 'The Head of FreQ Nasty' album.

FreQ has managed get Americans hooked onto dubstep and bass music by playing records by Skream, Benga, and Rusko. For him Doctor P and Flux's jump revolution is huge in the US as kids continue to discover the hip-hop and rave connection with 'brostep' metal edge. Bass music is big in California and UK bass music is very much on the scene in spite of the Cali glitchhop developing. Speaking of dance music, FreQ believes America is experiencing the second summer of rave, much like the acid house days a few decades ago.

While Prodigys and Liam and co made it big with 'electronica' in the US, this form of dance music never took off in the country. From a mix of rock and rave the dance music scene is now a multifaceted international one. From renegade outdoor raves in the Redwoods of Northern California to mega festivals, DJing is a heavy mix today.

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The club brand Renaissance and DJs Sasha and Dave Seaman have had a long association. Dave Seaman used to double up for Sasha in Mansfield and now continues to blast out Renaissance in the underground music scene. Dave recently re-launched the Renaissance series with tracks from Moby, Boys Noize, Layo & Bushwacka, and Sasha. The globe-trotting DJ was part of house act Brothers In Rhythm in the early 90s, with 'Such A Good Feeling' in the top 20 list for a long time. Dave plans to continue touring with the Renaissance album until spring 2012 while setting up his studio once more with Funkagenda and Andy Chatterley to complete a few tracks.

Dave believes that DJing is an evolving art where one progresses with the scene. However, maintaining the same principles he has for the last 25 years is what he attributes his success to. With a wife and two kids, Dave claims his life has changed dramatically and loves to spend as much time with family even if it means flying out late on Friday and flying back early on Sunday after a gig anywhere in the world. His desire is to do some more pop although keeping up with the demands of DJing takes up plenty of his time.